The artistic bookbinding place is located at an altitude of 950 meters and at an inaccessible location in the small monastery of Agia Paraskevi which was erected by

the Chief of the Pelion Revolution Stergios Basdekis in 1793. Years fading from weather, earthquakes, wars and aspiring goldsmiths. The monastery re-opened with the blessing of the eminent metropolitan of Demetrias Κ.Κ. Ignatius on 1 September in years 2013. From the following year by the hand of the holy monk Akakios, the traditional bookbinding workshop began to work covering the livelihood needs and the maintenance of the Holy Monastery, as an unpaid clergyman and vicar of the traditional and widespread village of Makrinitsa Pelion.

New and old books are being binded in the workshop. Leather or woven fabrics with handmade marble hand-sewn. Also in our bookbinding place are being made albums, invitations and special orders. Furthermore are available books ready for sale-copies of old versions-faithful copies of the era. We hope you like our effort to offer books the position and value they should have in our lives.


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